About Us 竹イノベーション研究会

Bamboo rapidly grow more than 10 meters in height in less than 2 or 3 months. Bamboo grow and propasate every year sprouting shoot from their subterranean stem.

Recent year, many cheap bamboo have been importing  from other countries, mainly from China, which is increasing so significantly that

Bamboo groves have been abondoned, been neglected to care also because of a lack of successors in agriculture industry, which caused beautiful, abundant foothill bamboo groves in Japan been desolated.

Meanwhile bamboo has many good character such as antibacterial effect or water absorption capacity. According to applications, we should find the wide range of using domains suiting for various purpous of bamboo uses. Above all, Bamboo are  leoved in Japan for their flexible green slender postuture and eviromental-friendly characters.

We found this association, in 2013, to promote and popularize the new uses of bamboo which have various character.

To people who want to keep bamboo grove in good shape, who is searching scientifically on bamboo, and who love bamboo,

Let’s join us!




Guidance  入会申し込み用紙

 Entrance Fee:Regular Member     ¥50,000     ≒$500

           Supporting Member  ¥10,000

        Personal Member     ¥3,000

    Annual fee:    Regular Member       ¥120,000

                                Supporting Member   ¥40,000

          Personal Member        ¥12,000


reference :Fukuoka University Engineering College Social Designing Department

                                                                                                    Professor Kenichi SATO

                                                                                  Associate Professor Chikashi Koga

〒814-0180 8-19-1, Nanakuma Jonan-ku, Fukuoka city, JAPAN

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Bamboo Illuminations@Bayside Place Hakata