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Bamboo rapidly grow more than 10 meters in height in less than 2 or 3 months. Bamboo grow and propasate every year sprouting shoot from their subterranean stem.
Recent year, many cheap bamboo have been importing  from other countries, mainly from China, which is increasing so significantly that
Bamboo groves have been abondoned, been neglected to care also because of a lack of successors in agriculture industry, which caused beautiful, abundant foothill bamboo groves in Japan been desolated.
Meanwhile bamboo has many good character such as antibacterial effect or water absorption capacity. According to applications, we should find the wide range of using domains suiting for various purpous of bamboo uses. Above all, Bamboo are  leoved in Japan for their flexible green slender postuture and eviromental-friendly characters.
We found this association, in 2013, to promote and popularize the new uses of bamboo which have various character.
To people who want to keep bamboo grove in good shape, who is searching scientifically on bamboo, and who love bamboo,
Let’s join us!




Entrance Fee:Regular Member     ¥50,000     ≒$500
        Supporting Member  ¥10,000
        Personal Member     ¥3,000
Annual fee:Regular Member       ¥120,000
                   Supporting Member   ¥40,000
       Personal Member        ¥5,000


reference :Fukuoka University Engineering College Social Designing Department:Professor Kenichi SATO
Associate Professor:Chikashi Koga
〒814-0180 8-19-1, Nanakuma Jonan-ku, Fukuoka city, JAPAN
TEL:092-871-6631(ex 6464)

*Please change 2-@ to one-@ if you send mail (-:  ←For security reason…

Bamboo Illuminations@Bayside Place Hakata


BBQ Party! In spring, we gather holding with  beer, after 2 or 3 hours of digging shoots. (-:
Japanese bamboo has two branch in every joint. Please look.
Check in your neighbor botanical garden.
Bamboo Skill Test! August 7th @Fukuoka University, Japan
Ex. Q How many percentage of bamboo forest in Japan?
A 1%           (little? or too much? (-:     )
Q How many intervals of some bamboo flower?
A 120 years          (May be I can’t live such a long…^^)

BIG secretary general, Professor M.Kakunaka and Mr.Yutaka Aso(R).
Mr.Aso is the chairman of many economic institution in Japan and
a businessman of chemical materials including EU zone.
Mr.Aso is fluent in English because he lived England for several years.

  Mr.Yutaka Aso, younger brother of Vice PM of Japan,
Taro Aso, looks like very much to his older brother as twins (-: @Shabhai,China
The famous downtown Nanjing Road in Shanghai, China, we found bamboo scaffold. 🙂

We don’t want to again,but  :  Bamboo Lantern  Festival.
Last autumn, 2015, we are exhausted with this work.
5,000 bamboo lanterns. Wow.
We are prepared many bamboos in advance. stock them in some company’s warehouse,
then cut them 5,000 pieces of bamboo trees,then carried them by truck to Bay Sid Plase,
Fukuoka city’s international harbor area.
About 50 people gatherd to cut 5,000 pieces of bamboo trees, and about 100 people,
including 50 volunteer girls-high near the sight,
gathered to place and fire with lighter.
This job began at noon and finished, clearing all the materials from the sight, at 11:00 pm.
This year? Of course, we shall try again. 🙂

Some one said that it is desirable to use fresh bamboo becaouse the fresh green colour of bamboo high-light the scene,
so we haven’t much time prepare to place bamboo as soon as psssible after cutting them.
But, in the dark we could see only lantern flames.
Our members.@2013 BIC founded
Professor Sato, President.(front raw center), Assistant Professor Koga(2nd raw far left)
CEO Ohashi, bamboo chipping machine company.(2nd raw 2nd from left)
CEO Hayashida, bamboo recycling company.(2nd raw far right)
Me, Professor Kakunaka(3rd raw far left) Please contact me: kakunaka@nifty.com

We made 5,000 candle light putting in the bamboo-case in autumn.
This year, this bamboo-light event 2016 will be held in October@Fukuoka city, Japan,around The Bayside area of Fukuoka.

A crescent moon, in the sky

Professor Shigematsu and Professor Sato(right) address:  sato@fukuoka-u.ac.jp  
(please contact  on academic interests and other tips on bamboo)
Professor Sato, major on constractional materials.
Generally, If you have any question with English language,
please contact our member of BIG, as Bamboo Innovation Group, as society on bamboo in Japan,
to our secretary: kakunaka@nifty.com       thank you^^

Our members, meeting this spring@Fukuoka University
Bamboo, they have two branch in every joint. You know?

It’s said broom of bamboo is a-120year cycle.
From HP of MAMF, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Hi I am Professour Kakunaka. Fukuoka University at Japan.
If you contact us about “Bamboo”, Please contact my following address:
or please call me: 81-90-4773-3741
Our network, for example, bamboo-related machine makers, bamboo violin musician, professor and many others. We have also many tips on bamboo in Japan. Many events, bamboo related food, for example, Takenoko as bamboo bulb in English, researchers on bamboo related thema, so on.
So see you
Kakunaka, Secretary General of Bamboo Innovation Group@Japan

Bamboo Skill Test


「Bamboo and wall - 土壁と竹」

Good morning! Today’s Bamboo Skill Test (-:
Bamboo have various uses. What is the most biggest uses of bamboo?
1. Japanese flutes
2.  fishing rods
3.  bamboo frame of the mud wall


3. bamboo frame of the mud wall 土壁骨組み